SSL Secure Payments

SSL certificates improve online security by encrypting our store's content and publishing it securely using HTTPS instead of HTTP automatically. SSL certificates are activated by default in our store's checkout, and for any content that's hosted on

All the payment data is transmitted by using SSL-encryption. Basically this means that you can trust your browser is talking to the right and secure server. When you are on our checkout page, you will see a small padlock symbol in the address bar (or elsewhere in your browser window) and our web address will begin with https:// (the s stands for 'secure').

SSL certificates have the following benefits for your online store experience:

They add a new layer of security to your online store experience by using HTTPS instead of HTTP.

They guarantee your safety as a customer. Always stay on the lookout for the SSL padlock icon beside our online store's URL:

Klarna / Paypal / Ideal

Klarna, Paypal and Ideal are direct and secure payment methods that offer multiple payment options for your online payments. These different payment options let you pay immediately, by invoice, or through installments using direct debit or credit cards or account balances.

Using Klarna, PayPal and Ideal provides a safe and easy checkout experience for you as a customer.