we needed Just a little push...

We just needed a little push,

WallPimps is an Amsterdam-based and Urban-inspired art project founded in 2020 by us, father and son. In our family we have always shared a strong love and interest for contemporary art and interior design.

Something like Covid-19 would do the trick...

The idea of WallPimps.com started growing at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Being locked at home and seeing our other businesses going down the drain really does something to you. During the pre-WallPimps era, and still up to this date, we also run two catering companies, specializing in Gourmet Hotdogs and Vegan Fast Food on the big music festivals. Check out DailyDog and Where's the Beef?.

Going from Fast Food to posters, we know, it’s strange...

With lots of spare time at hand we started coming up with solutions and things we wanted to do, we thought keeping busy was the best Covid remedy. That’s when we said, let’s do something pretty crazy and completely different than we’ve been doing up to now. Combining the things we thought were interesting with skills we already had... et voilà, WallPimps was born.

WallPimps is inspired by us, our friends and even by you.

We create what we like, that’s why the style of our designs is so varied. 

Our short-term goal is to sell 4.000.000 posters (we will let you know when that happens...), have a WallPimps exclusive exhibition at the MoMa (dream big) and a collaboration with Nike (why not?) All jokes aside, even though we would love to become billionaires at selling posters, we really just want to have fun and keep designing our posters. That’s what makes us unique, that’s why we hope you will become part of our WallPimps journey. 

The WallPimps’ future contains of many exciting things,
  • Collaborating with early career creatives
  • Creating an online platform available worldwide,
  • WallPimps handmade, exclusive limited editions
  • And much more.
Where 's the Beef Burger @ Vunzige Deuntjes